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About Us

Matt Burton:matt-burton

I grew up in the city of Denver Colorado. I always had a passion for mechanics. I always wanted to know how things worked. As a kid I would get in trouble for taking my toys apart. When I turned 16 I started really learning mechanics. My car was a piece of s#!t. It would always break down. My parents couldn’t afford to fix it. Either could I. That’s when a started really learning mechanics. By the time I was 17 I knew how to rebuild motors, transmissions, turbos, etc. I always wanted a motorcycle, but my parents were against the idea. When I turned 18 I put my hands on my first motorcycle. My first motorcycle was a Kawasaki Ninja. Just like any kid would do, I was riding wheelies, spinging the tires and basically distroying my motorcycle. With abuse comes repairs. In the two years I owned that motorcycle I think I rebuillt everything on the bike. That was when I felt confident enough to try to get a job at a dealership as a tech. Every body in town turned me down because they wanted to see a deploma from “MMI” or some other technical school. Finally I got my break as a shop b*#ch at a Yamaha/Suzuki dealer. I spent 4 years at that dealership working my way up to a “A tech” the top of the rankings. When I left to persue V twin motorcycle I had 15 certifications under my belt. I found out quickly that v twin motorcycles were incredibly simple compared to metrics. I went into partnership with a few guys in a dealership selling Bigdog, American Iron horse, Big Bear Choppers and Ultra Motorcycles. I was in charge of the Parts and service portion of the dealership. Five years later I now have 20 certifications in both metric and American Vtwin. Thats When Me, Charlie, Brian, and Spencer came together to build the internets biggest and most educated springer front end Web site out there, springerfrontendkits.com. We are working very close with many differnnt springer front end companys to bring you the knowledge and prices you are looking for.

Brian Whitney

brian-whitneyI grew up in Edmonton, Alberta Canada and always believed I would become a mechanic one day. I worked on cars, motorcycles, snowmobiles and anything else that needed fixing. When I was 12, I got my first bike. It was a Suzuki 50 street bike that did 50 mph ! By the time I was 13, I had the bike apart and back together several times. At the age of 21, I made a decision that I could make a better living with computers than wrenches so I decided to head on back to school. Twenty five years later, I still work on bikes and cars but spend my days writing code and building websites.

I provide the technical guidance for springerfrontendkits.com.

Charlie Chavez

springer front end california 126I am 27 years old and have lived in Denver, Colorado all my life. At a very young age I always liked to help my Dad fix the family car. When I was old enough to have my own car, I was able to do my own repairs. After high school, I applied to be a mechanic at the major transit agency in Denver. I didn’t get the mechanic position, but was offered a great opportunity to learn. They hired me into an apprenticeship program. 1 year later, I was good enough to be a heavy duty diesel mechanic. I have been turning wrenches for the same company for over 9 years now.
A couple years ago Matt got in touch with me and needed my help running his motorcycle parts business. I agreed to give him a hand, figured I needed to try something new. Since joining, springer front ends have been our top seller. So obviously I had to start learning everything about springer front ends and ,how each manufacturer is differs from another. With all my knowledge I gathered, I felt that we could start posting our info about springer front ends on our website to give customers a reference guide to help make their decisions easier to find the right springer front end for them. I provide customer service and daily articles about springer front ends for our website Springerfrontendkits.com

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  • frank says:

    do you guys have paughco front ends for a heritage softail?

  • one more thing guys, i’m preparing to install baby apes, i think iwill need a shorter riser what sizes are available? thanx again, thom. to all nam vets welcome home! phanthom@hotmail.com

  • sorry, one more thing, my stock handlebar brake control unit is shorted out, my rear brake light works but when i apply front brake the tailight does not respond! then service light come on. faulty wiring? bad unit? need reliable replacement! any ideas!no harly crap, thanx again, thom

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