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American Suspension Shocks and Springs

Dragon14American Suspension uses internal shock absorbers and variable rate springs in their springer front ends, which is one of the reasons they handle so well. How the variable rate springs work is starting out with a soft rate, and as it gets closer to bottoming out, you get a stiffer rate. There are also rubber bumpers, so at bottom out you have a very soft cushion. As you hit a bump, the wheel is going to compress. As the wheel compresses, the pushrods move the spring arch up, and compresses the springs. While the wheel compresses more and more, the springs become stiffer and stiffer. When the springs expand, American Suspension has the special shocks to control the springs and prevent the springer front end from bouncing. The internals of the American Suspension shocks have been used on the Super Twins World Championship race bikes, and has won numerous championships.

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