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Big Bear Chopper springer front end

Big Bear Choppers is now one of the largest manufactures for custom motorcycles, right up there with Bigdog Motorcycles. Big Bear Choppers designs and manufactures about 90% of all there parts. Including the springer front end. The Springer front end Debuted on Big bears MERC rigid kit. The one thing that separates Big bears front end from the rest cosmetically is the pointed rockers. Big bear did there home work on this springer front end. They studied the failure’s of other front ends, an corrected them. Big bear uses 4130 high carbon steel for there legs, which have a very thick walls. The trees are laser cut out of mild steel. When welding a high carbon steel to a mild steel, it tends to crack. Big Bear Choppers solved that problem on there springer front ends by sliding a second tube down the leg, so when welding the trees to the legs it penetrates through to the second tube and results in a very strong and reliable springer front end. Big Bear Choppers put together a you tube video that shows the step taken to build a bullet proof motorcycle. And springer front end. You can find there springer front ends on the Merc choppers and the Screamin demon.

Big Bear White Logo

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