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DNA Springer Front Ends

black complete springerMost people don’t realize how expensive it can be to replace a springer front end until they crash their bike and realize that you need to go shopping for a new springer.  So you go to a Harley dealer to get a price and you can’t believe the ridiculous price that they just quoted you.  What are you to do now??  You pick up the phone and call DNA.  They have been in business for over 20 years and will provide you with a very affordable springer front end without sacrificing quality, looks, and most important, safety.  DNA offers a complete springer front end with handlebars, risers, fender tabs, headlight, and headlight mounting bracket for a fraction of the cost you would end up spending at the Harley dealership.  DNA offers sizes 4″ under all the way up to 18″ over.  The available finishes are black powder coat, or chrome.  Remember, DNA springer front ends do not come with  a mono-shock, but we have good news.  Recently, Mid-USA has came up with a mono-shock system to fit a DNA springer front end.  So now you will have extra cushion while going over bumps in the road.  So if you are on a budget and can’t afford an OEM springer front end, than DNA is your best alternative.black springerchrome complete springerDnaspgr-2Tspringer shock

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  • Kent Stigall says:

    I just got a 05 flyrite chopper and the build sheet says it has a DNA springer. I need the two top acorn nuts and the large nuts that goes under the acorn top nuts plus any spacers or washers. The top acorns are rusted and ond large nut is missing. Can lyou help ?

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