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Measuring Fork Length

HMC Dice Measuring Tape_big

When measuring the fork length on your Springer front end, frst get your self a tape measure .  Now measure from the center point of the axle to the base of the frame .  The bottom of the neck were the mounting hole is. This is the standard way of measuring any production motorcycle.  If your purchasing a Springer other than oem, their lengths are compared to the stock length.   Springer front ends that are longer than oem are listed as Over-Length (OL).   This means they are longer than stock.   The Springer front ends that measure shorter are listed as Under-Length (UL).   An important rule to know when the rake angle is changed, Springer  length may need to change in order to compensate for the change in rake angle.   You will see options like +2 , +3, +4. this will mean the spring is +? longer than stock.   If you see -2, -3 ,-5 for example the -?   This will mean that its shorter than stock. Definitely keep this in mind when looking at Springer’s

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