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P-26 Springer Brake Caliper by American Suspension

P-26 brake caliperAmerican Suspension uses a P-26 springer brake caliper for their springer front ends. It is a one piece caliper with a sealed ball bearing at the pivot point, which means that it moves freely. That is the big difference between American Suspension and all the other manufactures. Other makers use bushings, meaning that your brake is going to bind, because you are going to lose the freedom of motion you would get from a bearing. Also, the length of the reaction link and the axle make a four bar linkage with equal lengths. What that means is, when the wheel moves up and down, the caliper moves very little relative to the rotor. So if you are braking hard on an uneven surface, the bike will stop nice and smooth. If you have a springer front end braking system without the braking geometry that American Suspension has, you will have issues under braking.

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  • Vic says:

    can you send me a copy of a expanded view of this type of set up, i need some tech. help putting this front end together. Thanks, Vic

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