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Sugar Bear Springer Front End

sugar bearThe Sugar Bear springer front end is known by its massive front end that expand out up to 40 inches over stock. Sugar Bear’s front ends were made famous in the early 70′s for dot just looks, but for durability and comfort. Sugar bear choppers built there bikes to ride. There bikes had bluing pipes dents and scratches from the ride. That was there theory. Sugar Bear springer front ends are made with zero flop, no pogo, and a great ride. Sugar bear designed bearing cups for sportsters so you could adapt a big twin front end with out any steering neck alterations. Sugar Bear front ends are still being produced today with no changes. Why no changes? Everything is super durable. there is custom springer springs built by Sugar Bear to eliminate any pogo. The springer front end legs are not made of hollow tubing, but made of solid bar stock. All of Sugar bears front ends are hand made. This insures protection every time.  So if your into super long front ends, go with Sugar Bear springer front ends. These front end are bult to lasy.

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  • Bruce Kreps says:

    Looking for springer front end for a 1993 sportster, want twisted square bard on the forward risers. Make anything like that? 22 over. Will that work using a bearing cup? cause I was going to have the front end cut. Please get back to me.

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